Thursday, March 17, 2011

NEW -- Silk Paper

I love all things silk. So when I saw a book on sale at Joggles whose title was "Silk Paper", I bought it on impulse, wondering what it was all about. This book inspired me greatly and literally changed my life. It is so easy to make, so beautiful to touch and look at...that I've been gathering supplies and making silk paper to the exclusion of everything else for the past two weeks. Here is some of what I've created; hope you likee!

This is one of the first pieces I made. I bought someone else's dyed tussah silk in various colors from Etsy and layered it with some wool roving to get the layered effect taught in the book. It ended up being very thick which I don't like very much. But it got me hooked and I started to experiment...

Purple and Pink silk paper - 36"w x 24" h
This is another of my earlier attempts. I made a sheet of maroon paper and one of pink. They were boring on their own so I decided to weave strips together. It is embellished with silver foil swirly figures.

Close-up detail

This piece is gossamer thin and made with dyed green mawata caps. I inserted dried rose pieces into the paper. Ignore the masking tape at the top where I taped it to the window to show the transparency.
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 This pic above is the same piece of silk paper laid down on white cloth.
detail close-up
 The piece below is made from bits of silk noil fiber stitched with metallic thread, all sandwiched with vilene on top and bottom. It shows bits of the silk worm's cocoon and is of undyed natural fiber. I had plans originally to make this into something but decided it was so beautiful on its own. I did stitch it to a piece of Habotai silk. This pic shows the masking tape, as I took this photo against the window to show the delicate transparency.
 This pic is of the same piece laid down on the countertop.

Close-up detail

This silk paper is made from mottled green mawata caps and inserted mulberry paper leaves bought at Michael's. I like how the color from the leaves bleeds. This piece was made using Golden Gel semi-gloss heavy medium.

Close-up detail
 This is a rather large piece where I used specialty paper bought at my local art store, which had bits of leaves on a white mulberry bark surface. I laid strands of undyed  and dyed silk tussah on top and bonded it together with the Golden gel mixture (watered down). None of these 3 pics show the true color and interference glossiness. I got that by adding Golden's green interference medium to my mixture.

Close-up detail
another pic w/better color


  1. I must get that book for myself. I love the look of what you have created.
    I can imagine small pieces matted, framed, or even mounted on black foam core. You could even use them alone or in small groupings if you have way to hang them where the hanger doesn't show through the paper. I think they would look fabulous.
    Great embellishment/texture additions to a quilt too. I also wonder if the finished paper could be cut and placed/sealed in resin for jewelry or buttons. So many ideas and no book. Thanks for sharing. Now I'm going to look for the book on-line.

  2. I found the book and just finished ordering a copy for myself. I've also subscribed to your blog and hope to see more of what you doing with this paper soon. Have fun!