Thursday, February 17, 2011

My favorite flower, the Peony

I am anxiously awaiting spring and sick of being in the house, cold all the time. So I continue to make flowers in my art to remind me of what I love. This wall hanging I've entitled: Peonies Along the Garden Path.

Peonies Along the Garden Path - 19"w x 15.5" h

There's a long story into how this art piece evolved. I won't bore you w/the details. The biggest thing was that I just HAD TO make peonies. In all of my ribbon and flower books I couldn't find a technique anywhere. So I fiddled around with my ribbons, ripped them apart and finally with a little ingenuity and a lot of trial and error I developed my own technique for creating the specific peonies I want. The "Raspberry Sundae" peony has white outer petals with pink and yellow inner petals. I ended up dyeing my own silk for the flowers and used circles/disks of this silk in many layers. Some of the rounds are fringed around the edges; all are gathered in some manner. I obtained beautiful results in my dyeing by using a mini-mister to apply the yellow and pink dye onto white silk. I couldn't be happier with the results -- I love peonies!

After getting the peonies down, I created the background. I wanted it to be a landscape obviously, but nothing that overshadows the focal point of the peonies. The background is dyed silk which I free-motion stitched grasses onto and hand-stitched french knots in yellow. The path is brown paint with a sand medium added for realism. When I put it all together I decided that I really liked the grasses, so they got several passes with paint and markers. The final piece is fused to a heavyweight one-sided fusible by Pellon. I put on a yellow edging at first, then tore that out because it was too distracting. Again...after trial and error I ended up with a kelly green that matches the grass and made it as though the path and the grasses extend beyond what is seen. (I sewed more grass and painted right to the edges in some places). I hope someone out there likes this. I consider it one of the best landscapes with flowers I've ever done. [BTW I have two more flower landscapes in the works.]. The following shots show detail, especially how 3-dimensional it is. It's hard to explain but when you actually see the art piece you are compelled to touch it.

detail pic

detail 2

shot taken on my table, as if you are going to walk the peony path

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  1. That is so very lovely! Thank you for sharing!
    ~Monika in Saskatoon
    quilt maker & fibre artist