Sunday, February 27, 2011

Field of Poppies

"Field of Poppies" - 24"w x 14"h

 This was super fun to make. I hand-dyed the silk background with Senneleir silk dye and also mixed up a custom mix of orange in varying shades to dye the silk for the poppies. On the background I used fabric markers and couched threads for the greenery. A really nice ribbon I couched was a vine of can see them clearly through the poppies.

The poppies are flat rounds I cut out of the dyed silk using my new Sizzix Big Shot. I really love this little machine. The die I used had four sizes of circles and I used every one. The bigger ones are on the bottom and they get smaller as you move up and away. By attaching them with beads I was able to place them exactly where I wanted them and then pulled the nymo thread tight to get the petals to curl up. Placing them close and overlapping created the 3-D effect I was after with the flowers and leaves.

I tried a new method (for me) to finish it off. I satin stitched it to Pellon heavyweight interfacing that had been fused with bright white cotton. I wanted it to look like a mat board frame. Lastly I added a few more flowers so they spill over onto the frame and added a small flock of birds using a fly stitch and heavy crochet fiber. Please leave a comment if you like this or have any feedback to make it better.

detail of bottom right

detail of upper left

detail of center


  1. This is a lovely little landscape. I recognize the style of Gilda Baron. The little leaves are great!

  2. Im a bit scared LOL .... the red mulberry vase... my daughter's reaction "does she sell her work?" My email is I would love an email from you with your price if you would like to sell it. Ive not a clue how it would ship to Australia and I might need a few weeks to save up... but if there isnt someone knocking at your door already... I think you have a sale!! please dont embellish... it is absolutely perfect! I love everything in this series of photos. You have been busy!! Maretta

  3. I am so enjoying looking through your blog. What a unique and interesting style you have - that is truly all your own.