Sunday, February 27, 2011

Buttercups Under A Twilight Sky

This final art piece in my flower series I'm not so sure of. I ripped all the flowers off twice to get the look I wanted and then decided the round cotton buttercups were too flat, so I embossed some. This was a learning experience: 1) Embossing with glue and a paintbrush is messy, fun and unpredictable and 2) applying heat from a heat gun to melt the embossing powder actually "cooked" my flowers and made them curl up into almost burned looking shapes. My dear hubby at first glance thought I created something using cornflakes!

"Buttercups Under A Twilight Sky" - 20"w x 20.5"h

To create this "masterpiece" (air quotes) I used dye and paint on cotton. The whole piece is cotton; no silk this time. I love the way the sky turned out so I left it as a large part of the landscape piece. I couched fibers for the greenery behind the flowers and added a lot of yellow french knots, which turned out to be mostly covered up. I used plain cotton circles in varying sizes to create the flowers, and put in A LOT of them with beads -- yellow beads for the background bigger buttercups and small light green beads for the smallest buttercups placed on top of the other buttercups, all over. There are also leaf beads here and there.  I free-motion stitched a quilt sandwich and added two different colors of border: blue for the top half to bring out the blue of the sky and green on the bottom half to reinforce the painted greenery under the flowers. After the embossing debacle I glued on a little bird in the sky.
detail of the sky

detail of embossed buttercups

detail of the bottom showing leaf beads


  1. I love your work and am such a beginner myself... hope you dont mind... I think it is great... but at the sides or corners or some focal point... perhaps petals placed as if you were seeing the side of the flower, the underside of the petal up like the side view... I think it is just the flowers ALL looking at you that stands out. Dont get me wrong I think it is beautiful... just a thought that might make it "feel" more natural. Glad that you seem to be having some bright good health days! your friend Maretta