Monday, January 31, 2011

SDA's Confluence!

I just signed up for my first fiber art conference -- Surface Design Association's "Confluence" in June in Minneapolis / St. Paul. I would love to do pre and post workshops, but cannot afford to. I am happy enough to be able to attend a conference and meet others who share my passion for fiber arts and surface design. Although I have no hope of winning or selling, I made a piece to express what confluence is to me:

Confluence - 28" x 12"
There are many layers and objects of symbolism in this piece. Here are the layers starting from the bottom up:
- a piece of hand-dyed cotton
- watered-down elmer's glue
- 2-sided pretty scrapbooking paper run through the shredder and strewn all over
- tissue paper to hold it all down
- last layer of watered-down glue
- after that was dry I applied many swirls and dots of acrylic paints mixed in Golden's tar medium and applied with a baker's frosting bag. I wanted the paint to "stand up" or be 3-dimensional.
- I used various pieces of fibers including organza, cotton, and silk and molded them using Golden's matte medium. I wanted the circles and swirls and if you notice an infinity symbol in ribbon.
- Everything is separate but converges mostly in the center where there are two pieces of stamped and etched copper in the yin/yang position.

Hope you like it. Any and all comments are welcome.

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