Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun With Paint Mediums

Another artist's work inspired parts this piece...really the technique: using Golden mediums with acrylic paint to get different effects. Here's the final piece, entitled "In Flight", which is 24" by 24":

It's pretty colorful, is it not? How I made it:

1. I made my own background cloth using a discarded hand-dyed piece of cotton, watered-down Elmer's glue, colorful 2-sided scrapbook papers put into my shredder and scattered about on the fabric/glue mixture, then more watered-down glue and tissue paper on top, with a bit of glue for total adhesion. I mostly used my bare hands and felt like a kid playing in goop. Super fun. Here's what it looked like at this stage when dry:

Then having this colorful piece of paper-fabric I was at a loss what to do with looks great by itself but then I saw an artist using gel and acrylic paint. Voila -- it came to me! I used almost a whole jar of gloss super heavy gel (Liquitex or Golden, doesn't matter). The four colors predominant in the butterflies I used by mixing the gel with acrylic paint; I then plopped it into a bakers bag with a thin spout and painted away. Here's what it looked like after painting and before the butterflies:

Now doesn't that look like messy fun? But I call it ART!

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  1. And why not call it art. Too much fun. I was wondering how you did it. Thanks for posting.