Monday, January 31, 2011

Cornflower Hills

I have been spending a few weeks working on my ribboning techniques; mostly hand done but a little bit of machine work. This is the first piece I put together, as the fabrics inspired me. I used hand-dyed silk cut into wide ribbons to make the cornflowers. Actually I cut them into multiple widths to make them smaller as you move farther away in the landscape. The farthest corner of cornflowers are french knots and beads. Oh yes, I beaded all of the cornflower centers with pretty beads. We all know real cornflowers don't have these kinds of centers but's art! Your eyes are not deceiving you, nor is my picture-taking that off -- it slopes downward on the right...on purpose. The pink cornflower is on purpose as well.

Wait until you see the next one with ribbons...I am incorporating every technique in the book!

Cornflower Hills - 18"w x 24 to 26 h

Cornflower Hills - top half

Cornflower Hills - bottom half

Cornflower Hills - detail

Cornflower Hills - detail of smallest flowers


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