Saturday, January 22, 2011

Commissioned Art for Firefighter Bar & Grill

Back in December I had posted on forums for inspiration and ideas to create a piece for a firefighter's bar/restaurant ladies room. It is so bare. He asked for something in theme and feminine. I created an assemblage featuring and honoring female firefighters. I presented it to him last night and he loved it!

A neighbor of his also loved the piece and watched as I presented it to Anthony. This guy is opening a dance studio a few doors down and wants me to do art for his whole place! Will wonders never cease! I feel blessed to be able to share my art AND get paid for it.

Here is the female firefighter piece and some detail shots. The assemblage was spray lacquered with Krylon matte finishing spray and mounted on a 24" x 36" canvas so it was easy to put up.

Female Firefighter Collage

Female Firefighter Collage -- top half

Female Firefighter Collage - bottom half

Female Firefighter Collage - lower left corner


  1. Kim, this is marvelous! The combination of real photos with some "feminine" colors and objects make it just perfect. Congratulations, and I am happy it was so well received!
    Martha Ginn

  2. I loved the firefighters in high heels. It's a fun piece!

  3. Hi Kim.... I knew you could do it. Really fits the commission.... excellent. Im so thrilled for you. You deserve every success. Good health and good creating. M.