Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun With Fiber

Several days ago as I was cleaning, straightening, and organizing my home "studio", I got a big picture as well as detailed inventory of all the fiber trim I actually have. My husband and other normal people would probably agree that I have too much fiber...fabric, trim, yarn, etc.

Anyway, this was before the arts & crafts show deadline and I had a day or two on my hands. So I created the pieces below and they were truly fun to make. They consist of many strips of fabric, trim, ribbon, yarn, etc. and topped with beading in places. All of them are approximately 15" x 15"; not completely square because the process of sewing down all that stuff pulled it in at the bottoms. I used a square piece of wool to start with and covered it with hand-dyed fabric. When all was done I glued it to a piece of foamboard and a picture hanging zig-zaggy thing to hang it straight.

It makes me happy to see them on the wall with all of their bright colors. I hope they are fun for you to look at also!

Fun With Fiber - Cool Colors

detail of cool colors -- beading

Fun With Fiber - Hot Colors

detail of cool colors -- beading

Fun With Fiber - Neutrals and Metallic

detail of metallic piece -- beading


  1. Hello Kimberly,

    Thanks so much for visiting me and for your kind comments. You are so very talented!
    Love your wall art and my favorite ones are the first two because I like their bright colours!

    ~ Gabriela ~

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