Monday, December 6, 2010

Copper Art

This was a UFO, then an experiment, then I was inspired and finished it. What happened to make this:

1. Started with a scrap of hand-dyed (LWI method) brown cotton
2. Used a 10"x10" stencil and applied Ivory-colored Descolourant Plus using a foam stippling brush. I was not at all happy with how the discharge and color came out. It was probably user error.
3. Even though the stencilled images weren't sharp, I used Lumiere paints to paint all of the elements, all except the large paisleys.
4. I stamped, embossed, and painted copper foil in small and large paisley shapes. Can you tell I love paisley swirls? Oh and the paint was actually nail polish.
5. I quilted in and around all elements using gold metallic thread and a 90/14 needle. No problems.
6. I picked out a beautiful commercial batik for a border and stitched them together.
7. I might have gotten carried away with the metallic theme, but I added gold thread stitching in a programmed funky satin stitch around the main element.
8. I ironed this, along with a full piece of the batik onto extra heavy pellon fusible interfacing; specifically Peltex two-sided fusible 72F.
9. I didn't care for the white interfacing showing on the edges so I stitched on a sheer copper/gold ribbon all the way around the front outside.
10. I stitched plastic tabs on the back for hanging. Voila -- my art piece!

"Paisley in Copper and Gold" - 16" x 16"

detail of the gold stitched copper paisley


  1. I like it, Kim! The copper foil is a great addition. My maiden name is Young and I like paisley, too. Great job!

  2. Hello and hello Kim,

    I sat next to you in the recent Painting class. Love your work!

    Happy thoughts,