Friday, November 5, 2010


Or maybe this should be called "How to Learn from my Mistakes and sometimes Successes". I'm sure I'll be updating this frequently as I continue to experiment.

1. Don't paint Lutrador on freezer paper.
I have designed a piece which uses heat distressed Lutrador. One piece I sprayed with Adirondack Ink; the other I painted with green Lumiere. Both were on plastic and freezer paper to save my dining room table. Only the Lumiere one stuck completely to the paper. It took me two hours, Goo Gone, lots of elbow grease and tools, a steel wool pad and much patience to get the paper and plastic off the Lutrador. Boy is that stuff sustained no damage.

2. It never hurts to ask.
This past August I desperately wanted to go to CREATE in Chicago, but couldn't afford it (or any travel). So I crafted a well-written plea to Interweave why I deserve to go and what's in it for them, like me writing from a non formal trained and newbie point of view. After a week of internal discussions there (as I found out) -- they seriously considered it. As a consolation gift they sent me a DVD of a year of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and are starting a scholarship program.