Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Personal Piece

A PERSONAL PIECE - one that I created while "in a mood".

This piece has many elements to it; both visual and intangible. It represents my life as it is right now. You can see the chipboard word "ME" in the upper left corner.

For the tangible: I started with hand-dyed cloth and used the method of muslin-watered down glue-paper napkin-more glue-tissue paper-last coat of glue. I don't remember what the method is called but it is a way to create your own cloth from, say a plain piece of muslin and a fancy napkin. I saw it on a Quilting Arts segment. The paper napkin is in the lower left corner...the part covered with leaves. See second small pic below.

I also added ribbon, more leaves, ephemera, and cutout quotes before the tissue paper application (to hold it all down). Instead of using plain craft tissue I used a specialty paper I bought at the local art store. It is basically tissue with 1.5 " diameter circles all over it. Unfortunately it didn't cover my entire piece of cloth. I wonder if you can tell from the picture. Oh well, perfection is overrated in my book. So the right and top side do not have the tissue. Then I painted using mainly Lumiere fabric paint and some dye-na-flow. After some other embellishing (you can never have enough embellishment) I quilted it all over in a circle-in-circle with peach colored thread, to highlight the circles in the tissue. I carried the circles all the way to the top and right edges for some continuity. None of the circles are perfect, nor are they supposed to be. The binding is wavy, not perfectly straight and mitred. But it's me.

The Intangible: This piece has beautiful color in it...some of my favorites. I LOVE leaves and the leaf napkin was a jumping off point for adding more here and there. Nature is important to me. Some of the things are beautiful and some are the ribbon winding around or the leaf stem that looks dead and sticks out (literally). I am drawn more to circles than any other shape. In this piece it stands for several things: what goes around comes around, sometimes I feel like I'm spinning out of control, and that my life is like a merry-go-round of non-stop "it's always something".

The quotes I chose are appropriate: "LIFE is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." And "Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering." I've had many life or death experiences in the last ten years and am now completely disabled. Many days it is a struggle just to deal with daily life. But I live for my art. I have always had an intuition that I will die at an early age (I'm pushing 50). Through my art I want to leave something beautiful in this world. Besides my cherished grown-up children that is.


  1. What a fun new blog you have created!
    Thanks for sharing your work and for the inspiration!
    Wishing you all the Best,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  2. Looked at everything. You have some really interesting work on here. My only suggestion would be to use a different type of backdrop than just plain white. Makes things look a little cold. I am pretty new to art quilting also. I used to be a painter. Never was a quilter. There is a lot to learn for all of us.