Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Experimenting with Photographs

Photo on Fabric Series -- 11/17 TO 11/22

This past week I made four art pieces, experimenting with photographs on different material.


Sequoias From Below - 15.5" x 18.5"
 This copyright-free photograph was so inspiring when I found it that I HAD to display it. It is printed on Lutrador through my inkjet printer. The Lutrador was melted around the edges and lightly in spots. I purposely chose a neutral (beige) fabric to stitch it on, so that the focus is totally on the trees. The fabric is a shiny, thick-strand, loosely-woven silk and rayon material that I picked up in the remnant section of the home design or upholstery section of Joann's. I love that it ravels at the edges, giving it a natural look, so of course I did not bind the edges. I made hanging tabs out of beige linen and inserted a twig from my backyard to complete the scene. The only thing I did to the photograph itself was to follow and fill-in the tree lines with a sepia-colored micron pen. Oh, and I outlined a few of the trees with monofiliment thread. The same fabric is on the back, with a high-loft poly batting in-between.

Here is the detailed view of the sequoia photograph. See if you can see through the Lutrador!

Sequoia detail - 6" x 9"

This colorful autumn photo was printed on regular cotton. I used monofiliment thread to attach it to a piece of black organza and to outline the trees and branches a bit. I also used this thread to embroider the outline of a maple leaf on each side. The interesting part of this piece is the batting -- what I usually use is high-loft polyester batting, but it was ruining the effect because it was white glaring through the black organza. So I used Lumiere paints and painted the batting with the autumnal colors from the tree. I put it in the dryer after it dried, to set it and fluff it up before the quilting part. I went plain on flat black binding.

Gorgeous Maple Trees - 12" x 12"

Here is a close-up of the photo part:

Gorgeous Maple Trees detail - 6.5" x 6.5 "

Piece #3 -- MY PEONY

This is a picture of one of my peonies from this past spring; you can see my hand holding it in the lower right corner (just in case you were wondering what that was). The photo was printed on Extravorganza in my inkjet printer, and stitched on fuschia organza. Hahaha -- extravorganza on organza! The photo is unenhanced -- the combo of the white poly batting and fuschia organza brought out the colors of the peony just as it is/was. Again I only used monofiliment thread to outline the parts of the flower. To add to the delicate nature of this piece I used hand-dyed 7mm silk ribbon to outline both the photo (very light pink) and the serged edges (a variegated fuschia)

My Peony - 16" x 13.5"

Piece #4 -- FOREST PATH
This piece is kind of a combination of methods described above, and the last in this series of work. My husband sent me this copyright-free beautiful photo and I couldn't resist. The picture is 6.5" x 9" and the whole thing is a relatively small (for me) 11" x 13.5". The autumnal photo was printed on plain cotton, stitched on, and only highlighted in a few places with monofiliment thread. It sits on yellow organza with the poly batting, and framed by a bronze colored binding. These last three photo-on-organza pieces would look fabulous together on a wall...or maybe just the two autumnal ones because the colors are more complementary.

Forest Path - 11" x 13.5"

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