Thursday, November 11, 2010

Experimenting with Lutrador


I've had 3 packages of Lutrador in my studio for months now, so I finally decided to take the plunge and check out this product. I've seen some interesting and beautiful things done to it. Here's my first piece using Lutrador, I call it "Hidden Flowers"

Hidden Flowers
 Lutrador is a wonderful textile (is it a material or textile). It has a light hand and melts nicely when heated. I started with four squares of Lutrador and painted them with alcohol-based paints in 4 different darkish colors. When dry I free-motion stitched flowers randomly on the Lutrador, using a heavy, glittery, showy black thread. Then I took it outside and put the heat gun to it -- that was really cool. I made it burn away at the ends and have lots of semi-holes in it, so you could see what was underneath. In the meantime I fused a bright flowery piece of commercial fabric to stiff interfacing. I tacked down the Lutrador just at the flowers, so it looks like it might fall off; but it won't. Then I made pouffy flowers out of multiple layers of colorful batik; I chose batik because both sides would be seen. These are also placed somewhat randomly. The winding line represents a winding garden path with something new to see around each bend. My flower garden has paths and little rooms too. There are also very small, stitched-on copper flowers hidden here and there. Bet you can't find all the flowers!

To finish I stitched a beautiful sheer ribbon to the heavy interfacing (Paltex 72F) and then glued the 19" by 19" piece to a piece of foamcore board and affixed a regular hanging bar that you use on pictures. Here is a closer look:

Hidden Flowers -- detail

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