Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gallery of Traditional Quilts

My first quilt was during my sickest period: a handmade yo-yo quilt inspired by my grandmother. This was before they came out with those yo-yo makers so when I say handmade, EVERYTHING was hand done.

Yo-yo quilt at a show w/my best friend posing in front of it.

king size quilt made with my Mom (that's us showing it)

Made for my Aunt in southwest theme.

Back of my aunts quilt

Sampler quilt from an Intro to Quilting class

Lap-size quilt for my favorite chair in my fav colors

quilt for daybed out of muslin and scraps

Quilt for my hubby to use at the Firehouse. I embroidered his patch on the corners and center.

Detail of my firefighter's quilt

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