Saturday, November 6, 2010

2009 Gallery of Fiber Art

These were made a while ago, when I first stepped into this wonderful world of fiber art. I'll try to put them in chronological order so you can see the evolution of my work. I still haven't figured out a "theme" or any cohesiveness. All of these are wallhangings. Some were gifts and ONE even sold! I have no art training, so everything is self-taught, mostly using great books that are out there.

Havasu Falls - from a kit

Northern Lights. Too much Angelina I fear.

Hollyhocks - from a kit. But I like the 2" piecing technique.

Heart of Pansies. I cut out every one of those pansies from fabric because the kit didn't have enough

The stained glass pieces are from a kit. Fabric choices and quilting are mine

No more kits; this was done on my own as a gift

Patriotic galaxy of Stars

The Four Elements. Hard to see but it is the stitching that has WOW!

A gift for my massage therapist. She loves it!

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  1. I love the galaxy of stars.

    I'm a beginner quilter still working with layer cakes for quilts. I'll someday graduate!