Thursday, November 4, 2010

My First Piece of Art Using Copper

This is the first art piece I've done using metal, specifically copper. What inspired me was reading "The Art of Stitching on Metal" by Ann Parr. I love this piece. I used copper foil, copper mesh, wires of different gauges, and beads of course. I stamped, cut, embossed, painted, patinated, and then stitched on the circles. The grid behind it is a specialty trim that comes in grid form and is 8" wide. Underneath it all is a pretty piece of commercial batik. I used heavy interfacing as my middle layer and then glued the whole thing onto foamcore. I call this one Copper Sampler, since I did as much as I know how so far with copper. I hope others appreciate it.

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  1. Your quilt and your blog look great! Looking forward to seeing more!