Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Chocolate and Turquoise Series

CHOCOLATE AND TURQUOISE -- yummy color combo

One of my favorite color combinations is chocolate brown and turquoise blue. I went through this month-long phase this summer and created a series of works in this color scheme. All the cloth is hand-dyed and the tree stamp was carved by me. My accents are mostly in copper (paint, wire, foil, ribbon, etc). In #1 there are also tiny pink flowers. They are all (except for the needlefelting one) made as quilted wallhangings with high loft poly batting. The quilt patterns are freehand and interesting. Anywhere you see leopard, this was handmade cloth made from muslin and a napkin from the grocery store.

Here they are, hope you like something:

#1: 21" wide by 19.5" high

Choc-Turq series #1

#1 detail showing the tree stamp, a little pink flower, one of the swirls with copper beading, a piece of leopard with a turquoise bead and the swirly stitching.

Choc-Turq #1

#2: 19" wide by 19" high

Choc-Turq series #2

#2 detail showing the tree stamp again with copper inside edging painted on; painted centers with a chain stitch consisting of 10 beads -- they look like they are popping out of the tree; brown and goldish copper vertical stripes with mixed gold and copper beading and one of the pink inspirational quotes painted.

Choc-Turq series #2

#3: 22" wide by 21" high. This has a lot going on and I love it! You can never have enough embellishment in my book! I had just bought a paisley-shaped Fiskars stamp and used it here on copper foil and fabric, which when placed together look like the yin and yang symbol. Most of the copper has been painted or textured. The swirly/paisley blue down the center is a commercial stamp. Minimal stitching was done as you can see: the blue thread emphasizing specific elements.

Choc-Turq series #3

#3 detail showing the elements described above

Choc-Turq series #3

#4: 20" wide by 20" high. Many of the same elements as the previous but with a heavy emphasis on the leopard. The funky strip down the middle and top/bottom inside the border is actually the quilt base fabric which was a botched attempt at doing some resist in my dyeing. Two more new elements are the foil daisies running down the aforementioned strip and a matching paisley stamp which set color perfectly using Adirondack alcohol-based ink (no seeping).

Choc-Turq series #4

#4 detail showing everything. The color seems to be off; I'll have to re-do this shot. What I wanted to highlight was some pretty intricate flower paisley stitching. Free motion sewing continues to be a struggle.
Choc-Turq #4

#5 9" wide by 12" high. A needlefelted piece also shown in the "Needlefelt" page of this blog.

Choc-Turq series #5

There will probably be more added here. I saw a dress yesterday that was chocolate and turquoise, but the accent color was lime/citrine. Loved it! I wish I was a seamstress...


  1. Hi there from Australia
    Im no expert and have only just starting textile art but Im thrilled to be working through new techniques and I just had to drop in and admire your work
    I know what it is like to be out there on your own
    And there is always going to be a great number of people who never write.... "get there and then pull up the ladder" was one person's perspective about people who do fabric art and dont share their time or knowledge
    That isnt me
    Ive been sewing all my life but new to textile art. Im just about to get into some fabric dye creations
    BUT Im a human being LOL and I just wanted to say.... I love these colors too and often find myself collecting fabrics and threads and I never tire of them
    I was happily living in Queensland for a time and the beach colors are amazingly similar and so inspiring
    As I say Im no expert... but in any textile art form lots and lots of people seem to get the colors wrong... so the work doesnt have the grab factor and then people viewing arent drawn in to look into the work.. .just my opinion
    In this lot of photos anyhow.... your work does have a wow, an immediate friendly and interesting quality, the colors and the shapes are great and you have the dimensions popping out
    my humble beginnings of a blog mountainsno.blogspot.com is where you can find me
    Im just looking at buying some dyes and getting messy with my 16 yr old... if its ok I might get back in touch and give you a laugh over my first efforts
    If there is one thing Ive learnt.... spread yourself I mean pictures of your work... around everywhere.... dont be shy to show, show, show
    And dont worry if you dont get a lot of responses from a lot of people
    There are a lot of lurkers who dont say much and there are a few people who just wont bother
    But your work is great and people will want to see it.
    All the best

  2. I admire people who make a series of quilts as they perfect their color combinations and other techniques. My favorite of this series is the needlefelted #5.